My family and I recently moved to Mexico for my husband’s work. My Canadians friends back in Montreal would probably say I chose the best winter to escape from…

Aside from great weather conditions all year long, this gorgeous country has given us the opportunity to savor a unique culture, delicious food, colorful markets, and beautiful architecture. And best of all, there is inspiration at every corner.

Pinatas at the local market
Pinatas at the local market

When working on a project, I always like to start off with a “jumping-off” point, something I can turn to when choosing fabrics, furniture, accents, and overall feel for the room. This “jumping-off” element can come in many different forms; such as a colorful fabric, an object my clients want me incorporate into their space, a photograph, a painting…

As a designer I’m always looking to be inspired. I let my eyes wonder while walking through the streets of Mexico, allowing my senses to take in snapshots of what surrounds me. Inspiration can come from anywhere; from an assortment of flowers at the market, from a gorgeous building facade, from an intricate tile mosaic, or from a combination of colors and textures found in textile.

Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende
Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende

Here, the combination of the warm and gorgeous red tone of this facade against the colder grey of the stone around the windows and flooring creates a perfect harmonious balance. This could easily be translated into any space, by doing an accent wall in this same deep red and leaving everything else in neutral grey. Or perhaps, having the walls painted in the same tones found in the stone flooring and accenting the neutral scheme with pops of the red and black colors in cushions, rug or art.

Taking a minute to tare your eyes off your cell phones and portable devices can prove to be one of the most gratifying and inspiring things you can do… If I hadn’t done so myself, I would have missed the opportunity to take this picture.


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