Focusing on the details when finalizing a space is everything. Dressing up your bookshelves, creating a special vignette with a treasured collection, or personalizing a gallery wall with relics from your own childhood are all elements that make your space unique.

Daddy's toddler skates and a tiger to represent his son's Chinese sign
Daddy’s toddler skates and a tiger to represent his son’s Chinese sign

When creating a vignette, always consider layering your pieces and objects in order to give your display visual depth and interest. And when you can afford to do so, include fresh flowers!

Layering a display
Layering a display

Playing with the height and sizes of the items you’re displaying is a must. Here, we have the graphic wallpaper in white and blue, a colorful book cover, smaller books stacked in order to prop up one of the lamps, and two different sized Buddhas… Every chosen object plays a role in this display, some more subtle than others, but all of equal importance.

Who knew books weren’t just for reading! Yes, I have been guilty of buying books regardless of their content or subject… Sometimes I’m drawn into a book because of the color or detail of its cover. I particularly enjoy using vintage hard cover books for their uniqueness, enhancing any vignette or bookshelves. You can usually find a wide selection of vintage treasures at second hand stores for about 1$ to 3$ a book, depending on the size. Just as I would with any other element of a display, I like to layer my books and stack them horizontally or vertically. Stacking them horizontally allows me to prop up an item or a small collection that I want to further showcase. Once I’ve selected all my books, frames, and decorative objects, I take the time to group and organize them by color, size or subject. So the next time you hit that bookstore, do judge a book by its cover.

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